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Complete systems from $59k – $299k
Capacities from 25-360 kegs/mth

Your beers. Your brands. Virtually any craft beer on the planet.

Our team of renowned craft beer experts has split the artisan brewing process into two. This allows the best hospitality operators to showcase their own stunning brewery and offer superior, fresher, more consistent craft beers without the need for new staffing, arduous training, labor or significant space.

What Makes SmartBrew the Industry Leader?

  •  Simple to adopt. No new staffing requirements


  • 24/7 support by a dream team of brewery and beer experts


  • Unlimited creativity with customized recipes brewed fresh in your venue


  • Jaw-dropping theatre that elevates the customer experience


  • Extraordinarily high quality craft beers. Every batch.


  • Minimal space requirements



  • Fully automated. It’s even self-cleaning.

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