Which SmartBrew is right for you?


SmartBrew has a Model that fits almost any commercial opportunity from 20 to 240 kegs a month capacity.... Forget what you knew about breweries - this is SmartBrew that is unlike any brewery technology.... 


This is the Future of Craft Beer.


You can't afford not to learn more about this technology:   Need Help ?  No Problem just connect with one of our Sales Team NOW....


Some Simple Questions when you are trying to determine a perfect brewery system:


  • Volume - How many kegs a month do you anticipate needing?

  • Variety - How many styles do you plan on having on tap? Note: SmartBrew can brew any style/type of beer you want

  • Space - need 150 square feet - see specifications below

  • Brewing Experience - no problem SmartBrew is designed for all brewer levels - from NO experience to expert BrewMasters....  

  • Need Help? - Not sure about what, or if this works for you - no problem - contact our team and they can send you information for you to review and walk you through the details... We are here to help you make good business decisions!

Need assistance if SmartBrew is right for you?  Contact the Sales Team NOW....



SmartBrew Systems

SmartBrew Additional Facts:

  • Footprint : SmartBrew® systems range in footprint from 150 to 320 square feet;

  • Specifications: SmartBrew® self contained vessels are 8.5 feet high (2.5 m) for 5bbl tanks and 10.5 feet high for 10bbl tanks. You will need 10.5-foot or 12.5-foot ceilings respectively - custom heights available 

  • Installation / Training: A typical install takes two days plus an additional day for training - all included in the pricing;

  • Experience: NO experience needed - fully automated brewery with a 24 hour / 7 day a week Help Desk to assist if needed;

  • Site Requirements:

    • Drainage: 4" inch floor drain is preferred;

    • Electrical: Single Phase power supply rated at 208/230V AC, 30A, 60Hz.  In addition the glycol chiller unit will require a Single Phase power supply rated at 208/230V AC 10A, 60Hz.  Systems requiring more than one chiller unit will require additional capacity. 

    • Other:  water, air, CO2, and an internet connection for remote access. 

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