“This is HOW, you OPEN a Brewery”….

Thanks for visiting us at our booth at the 2022 SEA Brew Show!



感谢您参观 SEABREW 2022 的 SmartBrew 展位……。





Natural Brew Inc / SmartBrew


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SmartBrew has many benefits: 

  • No Brewing Experience Required;
  • Easy to Learn Fully Automated Brewery
  • Fits in as little as 100 square feet;
  • Unlimited Brewing Creativity: Brew any style beer with YOUR Brand;
  • Multiple models for flexible capacities from 20 to 360 kegs a month;
  • Award winning quality–customers have won over 30+ Medals with their beers​;
  • Venues with on-premise breweries have shown up to 20% more traffic;
  • Low overhead–less than four hours a week to operate;

“For any restaurateur who is serious about their venue, they’re out of their minds not to look at SmartBrew”

​–M. Condi – Basement Brewhouse

This is the Future of Craft Beer