We;ve taken the artisan process and split it into two. We make your wort. You ferment your beers fresh onsite, working collaboratively with one of the world's best most notorious beer gods. It means you have every benefit of any brewery without needing an onsite BrewMaster. Yup. That's cool.


Bars and restaurants with onsite breweries saw a 20% explosion in sales and traffic in just the past year.

SmartBrew® is the most sensible path for you to enter this wildly profitable category.


At-Brewery sales have increased by 20% last year alone and it's just getting started.

As a savvy restaurateur - this is where you take full advantage of the shifting consumer habits by  showcasing your own onsite brewery, serving bloody amazing fresh craft beers. 


  • No BrewMaster required

  • As little as 150 square feet needed 

  • Yields of between 80 and 250 kegs monthly

  • Any styles brewing simultaneously

  • Your beers. Your brands

  • System even cleans itself

  • Brew any style

  • Increased margins

  • Increased sales

  • Increased traffic

  • Elevated branding, social media and merchandising​



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By adopting a small footprint automated brewery and collaboratively brewing with one of the world's best BrewMasters, you have an opportunity to absolutely dominate through premium freshly brewed products and a jaw-dropping experiential solution that will immediately impact your traffic, brand, sales, and margins.


SmartBrew® affords you every benefit of operating a world-class microbrewery - 


  • ​without the extraordinary space requirements

  • without the arduous cleaning

  • without additional staffing requirements

  • without the prohibitive equipment costs

  • without the inconsistencies

  • without the waste

  • and - most importantly - without sacrificing quality

All of your customized beers will be extraordinary, meeting the ridiculously high standards of Brian Watson.  We've entered 12 prestigious international competitions and walked away with 30 medals. Case closed.

"For any restaurateur who is serious about their venue, they're out of their minds not to look at SmartBrew"

M. Condi - Bankstown Sports, Australia

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