The Long White Cloud brand is as pure as the nation from which it comes.


New Zealand has long been known as one of the most naturally beautiful lands on Earth, and the remarkable beers we produce always adhere to that notion.


We use some of the finest ingredients, including New Zealand water - which is know to be among the purest on the planet.


The recipes and selection of ingredients were all done by Brian Watson; one of the most celebrated BrewMasters in the industry.


When you commit to creating extraordinary beers, it means recognizing that beer is always best when fresh.


As part of that commitment, we supply our wort to select operators, who complete the brewing process locally to ensure your customers experience something remarkable.

This is Pure New Zealand

With a tart edge, a beautiful cloudy appearance and the subtle aroma and flavors of
banana, apple and spiced cloves, this traditional German Hefeweizen is sure to please everyone. With a soft bitterness and smooth full palate, this masterpiece is one you'll be thrilled with.

This pale ale is one of the beers Brian Watson is proudest of. The reason is simple; you can't hide when you're creating a pale ale. And this one is perfect. A fresh hop profile with citric and floral hops let this beer stand out as an elegant session beer with outstanding drinkability.

Creating a beautiful IPA is more than adding a truckload of hops, it takes skill and passion.

68 has brilliant balance of fruity, resinous and citrus hop characters with a crisp, clean
bitterness that will please every palate. IBU – 68

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