This is HOW

you Open a


Now it’s possible to easily brew WORLD-CLASS craft beer onsite.

Introducing the most advanced automated commercial brewery technology on the market that requires no brewing experience: SmartBrew.

The Challenge

Brian Watson, SmartBrew Brewmaster explains the challenges SmartBrew solves, which allows every bar, pub, hotel, casino, or restaurant worldwide to brew fresh world-class craft beers with guaranteed quality and consistency onsite.

This is How you Open a Brewery – SmartBrew

  • No Brewing Experience Required—Fully Automated On-Premise Commercial Brewery
  • Small Footprint—requires as little as 100 square feet
  • Increased Revenue—build YOUR Brand by adding SmartBrew and drive up to 20% more traffic 
  • Unlimited Brewing Creativity—Brew any Style Beer, Cider, or Seltzer with YOUR Brand on it
  • Low Overhead — SmartBrew’s automated system takes only about 4 hours a week to operate
  • Capacity—SmartBrew offers multiple systems that can handle 20 to 360 kegs/per month
  • Consistent Quality- Automation ensures perfect quality 
  • Financing Options Available 

“For any restaurateur who is serious about their venue, they’re out of their minds not to look at SmartBrew”

–​M. Condi – Bankstown Sports, Australia

How we PUT the “Smart”
in SMARTBrew

SmartBrew has simply taken the thousand year old artisan process of brewing beer and split it in two. It’s precisely the same process you’ll see at any traditional brewery.  It’s just happening in two different places.

Part 1: Mash & Wort

Our team led by our Brewmaster – Brian Watson has taken an old age proven process and reinvented it with the SmartBrew proprietary technology to make multiple streams of High Gravity Wort (stuff beer is made from). 

Part 2: Fermentation

Now it’s your turn – On Premise Brewing. By collaborating with our expert Brewing Team, we will design extraordinary craft beer recipes in literally any style. Then SmartBrew with the most intelligent brewing system on the market that uses the perfect amount of High Gravity Wort,  yeast, and dry-hops to create YOUR BRAND of craft beer brewed freshly in YOUR BREWERY!

What Do Our Customers Want?

Our Customers have spoken loud and clear about what they want – THEIR OWN BRAND and INCREASED PROFITS! Normal food and beverage venues are experiencing flat or down traffic and sales, but food and beverage sales in “brewery” venues are seeing on average an increase by 20% in traffic alone. Patrons want fresh world-class craft beers brewed locally right there in front of them.​

It's All About the Quality.

“For us it’s about the quality of the product, the outstanding theatre, and the ROI.  SmartBrew delivers across the board.”

—B.Macleod, Chill Street Nova Scotia, Canada

No Pressure

SmartBrew Business Professional